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"Dr. James, I just talked to you today about possible uti and wanted to say thanks - you have the best bedside manner of any doctor I have ever met and your staff is incredible. I wanted to let you know that Daisy went above and beyond being helpful today. I hope that you can pass on to her how much I appreciate her and her knowledge. I love your staff - you guys should really be proud of your practice! God bless your kind hearts and your family, and I look forward to seeing you guys in the future."

"While some of my friends recall their 'birth stories' and say that they didn't see their doctors until they were ready to push or, in some cases, their doctor wasn't on call so they had a strange doctor deliver their baby, Dr. James was there every step of the way. He always handled my anxiety with a calm humor that made it so easy to get through. His professionalism and bedside manner are unlike that of any other doctor I've encountered. I couldn't have been lucky enough to pick a better doctor for myself and my son - we are eternally appreciative. I don't know that I ever fully expressed our gratitude to Dr. James and his amazing staff, whose warm and friendly faces I missed so much in the months following Kevin's birth. Dr. James, you should be so very proud of the care that you and your team provide - I am proud to be a patient!" - Nicole and Kevin

"Dr. James has a wonderful bedside manner. He was able to answer all my questions, make me feel comfortable and explain everything in an easy to understand manner. His staff is warm, friendly and caring. It is not every day that you meet a doctor that ACTUALLY cares about his patients and their health. I felt like he had all the time in the world for me and my issues." - Marla

"Dr. James took over the practice from my original doctor who delivered my first two children. I wasn't expecting or planning a 3rd, but had a wonderful "oops" baby and he delivered our 3rd. He was exactly what I needed in a doctor. He goes beyond the typical quick office visit and always inquires about all aspects of my health and emotional state. He's a rare gem and I cannot say enough wonderful things about him!"

"Dr. James was my OB/GYN in NYC. He was the one who took care of me before, during and after my pregnancy with my son. He delivered him via C-Section and you can't even find the scar. My child is now almost 10 years old. I greatly miss Dr. James and wish he could help me find someone like him. A true treasure.

If I could afford to fly to California for check-ups I would. Just want to let you know that you are the best!" - Sharon

"Today is my daughter's 2nd birthday and of course my husband and I reminisced about her crazy birth day and all the excitement that went with it.

I still tell the story quite frequently, how we called you at 6:18pm from our house, drove like crazy to the hospital and had the baby at 6:32pm in the ER and... you made it! I distinctly remember being rushed into the ER, lying down and thinking how ironic after all the research I did to find a new doctor mid-pregnancy, all the books, pre-natal yoga, appointments, etc and how it all didn't matter because whoever was in the ER was going to deliver my baby. I remember saying "there's no way our doctor will make it" and not one second later, you walked in. I will never forget how relieved and safe I felt - like everything was working out exactly like it was supposed to.

So, thank you for making such an effort that day and thank you for watching over my pregnancy and delivering our daughter safely. Thank you for listening to our questions and requests. I know the outcome would have likely been the same regardless of who delivered her, but I am really appreciative and grateful that it was you. She is the most precious thing we've ever known. We are thankful for her every day but today, we are especially thankful for you and your practice. I can only imagine I'm one of hundreds (thousands?) of your patients that feel the same way, but I doubt you hear it as often as people think it." - Kerri

"He is not only AMAZING, I couldn't have asked for better care. I'm thankful to have come across such a doctor. I was extremely happy with my prenatal care and birth experience. His staff is great as well. I can't say enough good things about this practice. I always left my appointments very happy. Thank you guys!" - Vsmom

"I had put off finding a new doctors since moving to CA from Hawaii... then my husband & I were blessed with our first pregnancy. Finding an OBGYN became a huge priority. We met Dr. James & my search stopped with him. The staff is friendly and making appointments were so quick/easy, rescheduling was never an issue, the wait time was short & the office is clean. I was very happy with my prenatal care and even more happy with my birthing experience. Once the active labor set in, I was a little scared but Dr. James helped me feel at ease and was there to monitor my labor. My body didn't adjust to accommodate the baby's size for natural delivery so we had a cesarean. Dr. James stopped in each day while I was in the hospital. We plan on making our family bigger in the future & plan on continuing my care with Dr. James. In short, Dr. James comes across as professional, knowledgeable, caring & to boot... witty (which I appreciate a lot)." - Asianmamacc

"I can't say enough good things about Dr. James and his staff! He is an excellent doctor, very knowledgeable, always professional, with a personal touch and a great sense of humor. His office is everything you could want in a doctor's office: friendly and helpful staff, ease in scheduling, appointments that run on time, a beautiful office to visit, and a great doctor that takes the time to talk to each patient and answer any questions. I also appreciate that he is a solo practitioner and not part of a group, as so many are in OC. I wouldn't go anywhere else and recommend him to friends and patients all the time." - Hanks Orthodontics

"Dr. James and his staff are truly awesome! From the moment you enter the office, his professional and attentive staff reach out and welcome you like a guest; and once you meet Dr James, you know instantly where that respect and attentiveness stem from. Dr. James is professional, exceptionally well-versed, and has a wonderful style that he uses to break down fears and uncertaintly by communicating to his patients in terms they can clearly understand and appreciate. I know I certainly do. Dr. James has delivered both of my children and it is a pleasure to have a professional such as himself as my OBGYN." - Ccech

"Patrick and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for delivering our first child, Chloe. The personal care you gave meant so much to us. A c-section was not our ideal labor plan but even though it came down to that, we knew we were in good hands. We look forward to the care and attention you and your office staff offer so effortlessly when we think about baby number two. It won't be too soon. :) " - Patrick and Nicole

"Dr. James delivered my last baby. I like everything about him and would go to him again. He is very open and didn't push for any additional medications or procedures when the baby was born. I had no complications and was overall pleased with my experience. The really nice thing about this doctor is that he is always on time and you rarely have to wait." - Holly

"I wanted to thank you once more for all care and attention you gave to me and the baby. Your kindness, calmness, gentleness, humor and support made me feel relaxed, confident and positive during my whole labor process. I was told you were the best by two completely separate women and it proved to be true; you are the best OB/GYN in Orange County. I had a perfect and fast labor and healing process because of you. It went better than I could have ever imagined! Also, thank you to your wonderful staff for always being so patient, kind and helpful with everything - you have a wonderful team! Thanks for helping deliver the best gift I have ever received!" - Jenny

"Our family thanks each and every one of you for the attention that I recieved and for always making us feel like a part of your family! When we got to the hospital, I can remember how scared I was. I was crying, but as I was leaning over, Dr. James came over to me and said to trust him, and a sudden calmness came over me. It was then I knew I was in great hands. It is vary rare that you find not only a Doctor but an office staff as well who treats you so kindly as well as putting all your fears into perspective, and who is consistent with following up every single time they said they would. You and your office staff have always gone above and beyond what I could ever have expected or imagined. Thank you!" - Oliver and Cathy

"Thank you again for such a great experience at Laguna Beach OBGYN. As this was our first pregnancy, we really appreciated your support and expertise. Thank you for putting us at ease throughout the pregnancy and for a happy, healthy, and safe delivery. We are so thankful for our little blessing and for all that you have done for us." - Sylvia, Derek, and Sebastian

"I just wanted to thank you so much for being such an amazing doctor. I don't think I truly appreciated how great you were until I went to an appointment last week with another doctor - they made me wait an hour for my appointment and stuck me with an intern for my first visit. I found so many women raving about their positive experiences at your office and that is what led me to you!" - Jen

"I had the Novasure procedure done by Dr. James and I am so pleased to report I had no symptoms - no bleeding, no pain and no cramping. In addition, I have not had a period since! I appreciate the openness from Dr. James' staff to discuss the different options. Overall all I can say is thank you. I feel well-cared-for by Dr. James and all the staff at Laguna Beach OBGYN." - CB

"To all the absolutely amazing people at Laguna Beach OBGYN - we are fantastic over here at the Thompson household with baby Zoe. It's been such a smooth transition I couldn't have asked for more. I have to say with every child I have, the experience is more magical than the time before (if that is even possible). I am kinda getting a little bit obsessed :) I miss you guys - it feels really strange not coming in there and seeing all your beautiful faces!" - Rebecca

"Dr. James is the best doctor you can ever find. I switched from another OB doctor to him based on several recommendations from different doulas. I drove 1 hour from where I live to see him. He is kind, considerate and takes the time to get to know you. The first appointment he spent 15 minutes with me just getting to know me, my history and what kind of delivery I wanted. Another example of how nice he is, I brought my mom into one of my regular appointments and he spent extra time to show her the baby on the ultrasound.

He is also very knowledgeable (my husband is an OB doctor as well and was really impressed by him). Dr. James is supportive of natural birth. I had a very long labor, Dr. James was patient and gave me the time I needed. My husband told me if I delivered with anyone else I would have had a C-section.

My only complaint: I can't see him anymore now that I am not pregnant. I wish he was a family medicine doctor so that my son and I could see him indefinitely."

"I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant, and am so excited for the birth of our baby! I'm 100% dedicated to having a natural birth and have been doing my research, taking Bradley Method Classes, etc., but I don't feel totally supported in my goal by my current OB. From my research (Internet, doulas, other patients), you are the most talked about 'natural birth friendly' doctor in Orange County -- which is amazing! I would love to have you as my doctor!"

"After being a patient of Dr. Stoney's for more than 30 years, it was unsettling to have him retire - but by the end of my first appointment with Dr. James, I knew I was in not just competent but excellent hands."


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